Job descriptions and performance management documentation

A document package of teacher's job descriptions with links to performance management

1. Generic job descriptions for:

  • Teachers on the main scale
  • Teachers on the upper pay scale
  • Teachers with teaching and learning responsibility
  • Assistant headteachers
  • Deputy headteachers
  • Headteachers

These job descriptions reflect the legal conditions of service for teachers as set out in the latest School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document.

In addition, these job descriptions incorporate appropriately the standards for teachers and headteachers.


2. Annual statement of pay and expectations

These simple reports, designed for each of the pay scales, bring together

  • Outcomes of previous appraisal
  • Award or not of increment
  • Notification of pay
  • Specific responsibilities and tasks for the next period
  • Agreed performance objectives
  • Coaching and mentoring arrangements

3. Additions and updates over the next two years

Updates will be sent out to schools for two years after their initial purchase.


4. Relationship with other ECARDA products

These materials are used on the “Building Capacity: Improving Performance” programme.

We offer purpose-designed consultancy to support your remodelling and development strategy



Client feedback

Your analyses of data linking directly to the SEF and through to the improvement plan were significant management tools which we used to prove ourselves as an outstanding school (Headteacher)

Thank you ECARDA for publishing your model vision for the school of the future on your web-site. It has prompted our own thinking as a school and I am strongly recommending it to my colleagues. (Governor)

Your publication “2020 Vision” on the ECARDA web-site challenged us to deliver that vision now. Not only did we receive government grant funding to help us but also the evaluation of our work has been published in a national journal. Thank you ECARDA. (Principal)



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