Other Services

The details of your project would be discussed and a project price agreed.

  • Writing bids
  • Post-inspection action planning
  • Project management
  • Specialist curriculum development
  • Partnership building
  • Brokerage
  • Procurement and contract negotiations
  • Organisational re-engineering and remodelling
  • Risk analysis and control
  • Financial audit and fraud investigations
  • Complaints investigations and resolutions
  • Support for school website design
  • Support and resources for running elections in school
  • Independent lesson observation
  • Quality Audits e.g. EFQM
  • Race and disability audits
  • Equality audits
  • Interim support
  • Data Analysis
  • Support to achieve a national standard
  • Establishing companies and trusts

These are examples of services we provide through ECARDA. Please contact ECARDA to discuss these or other requirements


One Off Projects


Client feedback

Your publication “2020 Vision” on the ECARDA web-site challenged us to deliver that vision now. Not only did we receive government grant funding to help us but also the evaluation of our work has been published in a national journal. Thank you ECARDA. (Principal)

We had a problem and rang you up. Within the day one of the ECARDA team was in touch, on site and solved the problem for us. Wonderful!! (School Business Manager)





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