Beliefs and values

ECARDA Beliefs and values

  • Human beings are born with a propensity to learn and to be aware of their learning. All people have a right to access learning opportunities that enable personal fulfilment appropriate to their ambitions, aptitudes and needs;
  • Organisational improvement is enabled through the development of people at all levels within the organisation;
  • We are committed to improving learning opportunities for all by offering high quality advice, services and training to educational and other public service settings;
  • We regard our clients as partners.  Contracts with clients are interpreted as partnership compacts, designed to deliver clearly defined, costed, shared and agreed outcomes;
  • We are bound by an agreement to secure our own continued learning;
    We are bound by the quality standards of the Company and our work is quality assured by directors;
  • The company has no affiliation with any political, religious or other interest group. We work with other companies who share our values.

Consultants working with ECARDA value:

  • Our clients and those who work for us: recognising their ideas, knowledge, skills and expertise;
  • Trust and honesty: keeping confidences and promises, honouring our contracts and not making excuses;
  • Hard work, tenacity and the ability to deliver high quality outcomes even in challenging circumstances;
  • Co-operation and teamwork: drawing on the strength of acknowledging our own weaknesses and seeking the help and advice of others;
  • Old fashioned qualities such as punctuality, courtesy, civility and consideration for others;
  • Other people's views and honest feedback;
  • Intelligence, originality, creativity and flair;
  • Opportunities to take on new challenges: extending our own understanding, knowledge and expertise.


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Client feedback

Your analyses of data linking directly to the SEF and through to the improvement plan were significant management tools which we used to prove ourselves as an outstanding school (Headteacher)

Thank you ECARDA for publishing your model vision for the school of the future on your web-site. It has prompted our own thinking as a school and I am strongly recommending it to my colleagues. (Governor)




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